Sugarfish is well known and highly reputed for its incredible fresh sushi. The decor of the restaurant really adds to its minimalist menu offerings, which cover the sushi basics with attention to balance and detail. They have three different meal selections: the trust me, trust me/lite and nozawa trust me, as well as individual sushi pieces you can order in addition to or separate from the combo meals. Each dish is brought out individually, forcing you to really savor every distinct piece. 


There are eight different Sugarfish locations in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Calabasas, Downtown LA, La Brea, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica and Studio City. But, fun fact, they don't take reservations! Definitely come prepared to wait on weekends.

The Trust Me meal (edamame not shown)

The Trust Me meal (edamame not shown)

I seriously recommend this spot if you're looking for a night of gourmet sushi. The prices aren't cheap and a 16% gratuity is included in your bill, so save up! It's well worth the extra cash. Sugarfish is a truly a treat!