La Conversation

La Conversation is a charming French-style brunch spot on Doheny Drive. Although it is a french-style café, it's decorated in a New England country house conservative style, but still maintains that feeling of a mom 'n' pop establishment. 

My favorite thing on their menu was their Eggs Benedict, which comes served on halved croissants--a delicious, if not fattening, treat. There are also a lot of options for side dishes, so you can opt to have sugared, bruléed grapefruit slices and order a protein side to fluff up a healthier meal. 

Before we get too worried about health, however, let me just say their bread baskets are divine. It's true, it is difficult to mess up a bread basket, especially when your food is already so delicious. But, what makes La Conversation's so special are these perfect little mini blueberry muffins they give you, just to amuse your BOUCHE before the main course. They are addicting and dangerous, but what kind of a life are you living is you're always on the safe side? Am I right?