Seated just inside the edge of Santa Monica is Tavern, an upscale destination dining experience with a not insignificantly priced menu. And it is exactly that, an experience. The food is incredible and the decor that kind of expensive comfort that can erase all of your troubles for the time that you're there. Bougie, sophisticated patrons enjoy their fare, lining the mirrored walls of their high ceilinged dining room. And the wait-staff is expert. Masters. 


Needless to say, I was at Tavern for a special occasion, so I had lots of fellow foodies willing to share tastes of their varied dishes. Nothing was less than PERFECT. I would give your the run-down on every delicious morsel of food, but that would take forever, so I’m just going to highlight a few of the star players from the evening.

If you go during happy hour, I would get the bacon-wrapped dates. They’re really tasty, but the serving is small, so don’t even try to share—you’ll want all of them. I thoroughly enjoyed the Lamb Osso Buco for my main course which was seasoned with mediterranean-tasting spices and served on the bone. The meat flaked off the bone with even the slightest pressure. Warning: this was a huge portion, so I recommend only trying to finish half. I also thought that the Gilled Pork Chop was exceptional. It was stuffed with this sweet cornbread-chorizo stuffing and served with a side of swiss chard and plum. And finally, for dessert I SERIOUSLY recommend their “Snickers” bar. Just do yourself a favor and get it.